Rapeed BPM & CMS

Rapid web & mobile application development


Our latest customers benefited from Rapeed CMS & BPM by reducing the development cost by 50% and accelerate time-to-market more than twice, and – most importantly – considerably lowering the risks and uncertainty about their project being delivered within the timeline.

How Rapeed works for your product

1. Smart architectural solution

Rapeed enables us to create web & mobile applications faster and with less cost, as it includes the whole set of standard functionality modules and app features needed for a quick go-to-market

Rapeed is a perfect solution for developing high-quality web and mobile products (b2b, b2c and c2c platforms and marketplaces or Intranets) that require intensive communication between different user types for decision making (BPM)

2. A set of ready-to-use app components

These functionality modules ar ready to be added to your future app:

  • user profiles (from basic to extremely complex with various access rights by other users)
  • user journeys implementation in BPM system
  • messaging between users
  • meetings scheduling

3. Rapeed CMS

Rapeed CMS is a compact platform which allows you to launch your website within 5 days. It is implemented with the optimal technological stack (Node.js and React.js producing lightweight semantically perfect HTML5) which is widely used for building modern web applications

With Rapeed you can create new landings and website pages and fill them out with content (text & imagery) really fast and without developers’ help

4. Businesses and industries

Rapeed can become a perfect match for:

  • Real estate - apartment renting processes
  • Recruitment, Consultancy, Legal Advice, Training - client communication process & relations
  • Healthcare, Beauty, Automotive etc. - client communication & servicing processes
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