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Greetings to all!

In order that we get to know each other better and in hope to become your trusted web development partner, let me reveal more details about us.

My experience in web development industry is broad and solid:

Andrey Magdebura
CEO, Condegram
  • Built up a Business Unit for Web Development consisting of 2 branches in Kiev (Ukraine) and Krakow (Poland) from scratch (60+ engineers and 10+ administration staff; 15 million EUR customer lifetime value; 3+ million EUR turnover/year; healthy profit margins above industry median).
  • Set up multiple highly effective teams working on projects for Blue Chip customers (Bosch, Lidl, Playtech, Informa, Lufthansa, SPAR, Red Bull, Nestl√©); the collaboration period with some major customers up to date is 5+ years, and it is going to continue for years to come
  • Led the R&D of the brand new company product of a high commercial value
  • Set up digital marketing function from scratch, building a team that brought new projects with 3 million EUR turnover
  • set up major projects of the Business Unit; overtook functions of Project Manager and Product Owner on a number of projects in such branches as Automotive, Real Estate, HR services
  • Improved financial management of company in general and its projects
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